Is a leading company in industrial developments & building materials manufacturing owned by Saudi Binladen Group.

The idea of establishing Construction Products Holding Company (CPC) started in the year 2005 to be the Industrial arm in the field of building materials manufacturing for Saudi Binladin Group (SBG), implementing the concept of the “One Stop Shop” in one Industrial Park towards providing the construction material needed to all contractors and developers. Under its umbrella, it includes the top four companies owned by the group in the field of Marble and Granite, Precast, Wood & Gypsum and Adhesives, in addition to a fifth company in the field of Logistics services. These companies are operating in their respective fields since the year 1989.

The idea was based on unifying the strategic planning for managing these companies and optimizing the use of the available liquidity resources, and horizontal and vertical expansion which accelerates development to cope up with its managements view about moving towards the future. The company was incorporated in Saudi Arabia and received its commercial registration in early 2007 as a closed joint stock company, beginning its stage onto growth and prosperity. If there is a possibility for comparison, we could say that the prosperity which CPC is going through is equal to the recession that hit the world markets.

Despite the apparent downturn in various business activities, and shortage in providing liquidity, we find CPC racing time to complete its plans and Business Development in many parts of the world. From India to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, CPC is stretching its company’s projects and partnerships to form an integrated system of specialized industries and support for building materials and construction, taking advantage of clear urban renaissance experienced by Saudi Arabia.

CPC has become a key partner in the economic and urban development of many Arab countries where it has established industrial parks that contributed to the development of their economies – through investments, development of the industry and the creation of thousands of jobs.



After’s CPC successful introduction of its Industrial Park in Saudi Arabia, this called for expansion into the international market. In addition to the parks in Bahra, Jeddah and Riyadh in the KSA, CPC moved regionally to Syria, Egypt and the UAE, with Iraq, Libya and India soon to follow.



Providing our customers with high quality services, that meets their demand, by using the most sophisticated machinery, latest technology and knowhow. CPC team committed with Health and safety and environmental standards.



By applying a diversified concept through building and delivering new industrial parks with state of the art facilities that will meet all clients’ needs.



During recent years, Egypt has undergone important economical and administrative reforms to enhance the development of the economy. After finishing such reforms, Egypt today is a very attractive market for direct foreign investment. Recently Industrial Development Authority's (IDA) current strategy for developing Egypt's IPs has a two-fold implementing approach, which entails on one hand upgrading, and on the other expanding the existing IPs. The expansion stage is realized by new arrangements, which call for building a strong relationship and cooperation with private sector partners (Local, Regional, and International) that are Industrial Parks Specialized Companies (SCs).CPC Egypt Park will be open for investors from all over the world interested to profit from the high quality services that will be offered by CPC