The main concept of an Industrial Park

Is to group factories and businesses on one premise in accordance to the local zoning policies and facilities of each country, resulting in the stimulation of industrial growth while providing cost-effective infrastructure and communal services for everyone’s benefit..

The Advantages of Industrial Parks

Economies of Scale – by optimizing the quality and the cost of the park’s infrastructure.

Operating within a user-friendly business community.

Synergistic effects through the joint-use of the infrastructure and services.

Enjoying a turnkey solution based on a pre-determined model.

Investors will benefit from a variety of offered services without having to make further investments.

The availability of trained labor through the park’s Training School.

Park Facilities


Office Building


Food Court




Training Center


Conferences room


Clinics & Ambulances








Civil Defense


Green Areas


Parking Areas


Park Infrastructure


12.4 km length (all 15 or 20 m width)

Sewage Network

Capacity 13,500 m³/day, 9.5 km pipes, sewage pump station, 188 rain gutters, 315 manholes

Gas Network

Capacity of 40,000 m³ natural gas/hour, 7.8 km pipes

Around 1,000,000 m² of ready to use industrial lands

4,200 m² of ready to use constructed office space

61,000 m² of green area and buffer zone

Water Network

Capacity 16,500 m3/day. 13 km length of pipes, 2,000 m³ water tank, 186 fire hydrants


85 MW max load network, 3 substations, 38 km of medium tension cables, 23 km of low voltage cables .500 lighting poles


7.3 km of copper cables.5 km of fiber optic cables.1000 telephone lines

262,000 m² for roads

50,000 m² for services and housing

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